Rejuvenate your skin and give yourself that glow you've always wanted!

 Located in picturesque Snoqualmie Valley, Botanical Falls Skincare offers a wide range of wonderful spa services for your skincare and beauty needs.

We have an extensive background in holistic, skin care services incorporating some of the best products and modalities for the treatment of anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, and overall skin health. We focus on results, using treatment modalities, tools and products that are backed by science and are highly efficacious. Bringing health and balance back to the skin is the best foundational way to effect positive changes to the skin. Our practice incorporates the knowledge and skills acquired from around the world to provide our clients with the best possible end result! 


"I went to Sarah for an amazing facial. She is highly professional and kind. She talked me through all the products and recommended skin care products that I just LOVE! I highly recommend Sarah and will continue to trust her with my skincare needs!!"   Lisa 


"I full-heartedly recommend seeing Sarah at Botanical Falls Skincare.  Sarah uses only quality products that she has researched and tried.  She has a lot of knowledge of the benefits of the product ingredients and is able to customize your service to your needs and wants.  Seeing Sarah is a calm and relaxing experience, with the added benefit of quality skincare.  You deserve this!" Kerry K.

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Signature Stem Cell Infusion Facial Photo

Signature Stem Cell Infusion Facial

Our new stem infusion facial blends the best of our signature facials together with new stem cell infusion for a glowing, repairing facial that will balance, renew and regenerate healthy skin. Abundant in multiple adult stem cell released molecules, this stem cell infusion is high in  antioxidants and peptides in addition to stem released molecules combined with a series of professional grade products to illuminate, detoxify, smooth and refine the skin. Great in reducing the effects of aging such as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and giving more radiant skin. 45minutes

Pumpkin Peel Photo

Pumpkin Peel

An advanced exfoliation technique designed for age management, acne, and hyperpigmentation. This is ideal for those without skin sensitivities as it can feel on the spicy side. This is ideal in a treatment series of 4-6 for best results. Ask your skin therapist for details. 45-60 minutes



Skin exfoliation services are offered to remove dead surface skin cells, minimize the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, refine pores, and make the skin smoother and more youthful. This deep and intense treatment focuses on resurfacing the epidermis by removing the damaged outer layers of skin to reveal newer, more youthful skin cells.  LED light is added to promote skin brightening and overall renewal. This small molecular structure allows the product to work deeper, dissolving excess sebum and dead skin cells to reveal brighter  and more youthful looking skin. A thorough skin consultation is required prior to treatment. 45-60 minutes

Sarah Knowles Photo

Sarah Knowles

Skin TherapistWelcome to Botanical Falls Skincare. We are happy to walk with you on your skin care journey and look forward to witnessing with you the changes in your skin throughout this process. Thank you for choosing Botanical Falls Skincare to bring about health and vitality of your skin on this journey. 

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